Historic War Battles

Battle of Yorktown

The Battle of Yorktown was a 20 day battle that occurred during the American Revolution in 1781. It was one of the final battles of the war. The outcome of the battle was the defeat and surrender of Major Lord Cornwallis of the British army by General George Washington.

The Battle of Waterloo

The historic battle between Napoleon Bonaparte's army and a coalition of enemies including Great Britain, the Netherlands and Prussia. The battle occurred on June 18 of 1815 and ended in defeat for Napoleon.

Civil War Trust: Antietam

This Civil War battle took place between September 16 and 18 in 1862. The final battle of the war is considered one of the bloodiest in American history. This battle preceded the Emancipation Proclamation.


A video on History.com that reviews the Battle of Gettysburg. This Civil War battle took place between July 1 and July 3 1863. General Robert E. Lee attacked General George G. Meade near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was Lee's second attempted invasion of the North and eventually failed at Pickett's Ridge.

The Battle of Midway

This web page describes the battle at Midway. This battle took place during World War II near the island of Midway in the Central Pacific. It was a turning point in that following the battle Americans took the offensive where previously Japan had been the offensive force in the Pacific. During the battle, American forces were able to sink four of the Japanese carriers involved in the Pearl Harbor attack.


Known as the Battle of Stalingrad, this battle was between the Soviet Army and the Germans. It was the German advancement into the Soviet Union in a bid to take over the area around the Caspian Sea. This was important primarily because of the wealth of oil, which Germany needed to replenish its resources. Initially the Germans were better equipped and trained for battle. However, the Germans were ill-equipped for the harsh winter conditions. Cold and starvation eventually killed many of the invading Germans and led to their eventual surrender.

Battle of the Bulge:

The Battle of the Bulge was an offensive move by the Germans against American forces. It took place on the 16th of December in 1944.This was an important battle that soon led to the defeat of Germany. The defeat of Germany was not without cost, as it became one of the deadliest battles for Americans.

Battle of Thermopylae

The Battle of Thermopylae took place in 480 BC. The battle was between King Leonides and the Persian Empire. The Greeks were able to keep the Persians at bay for seven days despite being vastly outnumbered. This battle ultimately led to the death of Leonides and his soldiers.

The Battle of the Alamo

This link portrays the chronological order of the Battle of the Alamo. This famous battle was fought a part of the Texas Revolution. It took place in 1836 between February 23 and March 6. The battle was between the troops and Texan defenders. The battle ended with the fall of the Alamo on March 6.

Battle of Maidstone

A battle fought in June of 1648 between the Parliamentarian / New Model forces of England and the Royalists of Kent. Victory went to the New Model Army, which was larger and better organized.

D-Day, the Battle of Normandy

An invasion of Normandy that included 13,000 aircraft and 5,000 ships. This invasion took place in World War II on the 6th of June beginning with the arrival of Allied troops along the German fortified beaches of Normandy. The day ended in victory for allied troops.

The Battle of the Frontiers, Aug.20-24.1914

The Battle of the Frontiers started soon after the onset of World War I. The battles were made of five offensive attacks that were launched by the French and Germans. It began on August 22, 1914 and ended on August 28.

Meuse-Argonne Offensive

This battle was the final battle of World War I, between Germany and the Allies. It started on September 26 of 1918 and ended on November 11 with the complete defeat of Germany and the end of the war.

The Battle of Kadesh

A battle between the Egyptian Empire and the Hittite Empire in 1274 BC. It is not conclusively known which army won this battle, but the Hittites continued expanding their empire afterwards.

Battle of Milvian Bridge

A decisive battle on October 28, 312 AD between Roman Emperor Constantine and his rival, Maxentius. In this battle Constantine promised to convert to Christianity if he won. As a result of his victory he conquered the whole of the Roman Empire and also legalized Christianity.

Battle of Watling Street:

A major battle in 61 AD between Boudicca, a woman leader of a rebel army in England, and Gaius Suetonius Paulinus of the Roman forces. According to the Roman historian Tacitus, the battle ended in a crushing defeat for Boudicca, the end of the rebellion, and the conquest of southern England by the Roman Empire.

Battle of Marathon:

One of the major battles during the Persian effort to conquer Greece. Despite being outnumbered by large margins, the Greeks scored a humiliating victory against the Persians in 490 BC. The Marathon run is named after the messenger who died bringing news of this victory back home.

The Siege of Syracuse:

This battle between the Roman Republic and the City-Kingdom of Syracuse lasted for 2 years, between 214 and 212 BC. The battle came to a stalemate, but then the Romans found a flaw in its defenses and conquered the city.

Siege of Orleans:

The battle for Orleans in France lasted from October 12 of 1428 to May 8 of 1429. Joan of Arc fought in this battle on the side of the French, who scored a decisive victory against the invading English forces.

Defeat of the Spanish Armada

England’s defeat over the Spanish Armada, which was sent to invade England. It was considered one of Queen Elizabeth I greatest victories.

The Sea Battle Off The Capes Of Virginia De Grasse-Graves

Also known as the Battle of the Chesapeake, pitted the British Navy against the French Navy during the American Revolutionary War. This sea battle occurred on September 5th of 1781 and ended in victory for France.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord

The Battles of Lexington and Concord occurred on April 19 of 1775. It involved the colonial rebels of America and the armies of Great Britain. The battle resulted in victory for the colonial rebel forces and marked the beginning of the American Revolution.

The Battle of Saratoga

This American Revolutionary battle took place between September 19 and October 17, 1777. It is considered a turning point in the war with American forces accepting the surrender of British General John Burgoyne.

Battle of Breed's Hill and Bunker Hill:

A battle that occurred on June 17 of 1775 between the colonial rebels of the future United States and the British Empire. The British suffered heavy losses in the course of taking Bunker Hill, including the loss of several officers.

Battle of Berlin

The assault on Berlin by Soviet forces which took place in 1945. It was the beginning of the end of World War II. It lasted from April 20 to May 2.

Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive was a battle between the coalition of the United States and South Vietnam and the invading North Vietnamese army. The battle occurred in three stages, starting on January 30 of 1968, and ended in victory for the United States and South Vietnam in August of the same year.

Hamburger Hill

The battle of Hamburger Hill took place during the Vietnam War. It took place from May 10 to May 20, 1969 with the capture of the Hill, which was later abandoned.

Battle of the Philippine Sea:

A major air battle which is also known as the “Marianas Turkey Shoot”. The Empire of Japan and the United States were the belligerents in this conflict, which ended in a major victory for the United States.

Battle of Goose Green

A battle during the Falklands War which occurred in late May of 1982. It ended in a victory for Great Britain.

Battle of Yarmuk

A battle between the Byzantine Empire and Caliph Rashidun's Muslim forces in August of 636 AD. It resulted in victory for the Caliph and the total removal of the Byzantine Empire from Syria.

Battle of Salamis

A battle at sea between Greece and Persia, in 480 BC. Persia's defeat in this battle led to the end of their second attempt to invade Greece.

The Battle of Legnica

A battle between invaders from the Mongol Empire and the Kingdom of Poland in April of 1241. The Mongols defeated the Polish army. This battle preceded the Battle of Mohi.

The Battle of Mohi

A conflict involving the Kingdom of Hungary and the Mongol Empire in April of 1241. This battle followed the Battle of Legnica and ended in victory for the Mongol Empire.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn:

The Battle of Little Bighorn took place on June 25, 1876. It involved Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and the Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux warriors. Gold played a part in the battle. When Custer confronted the Indians over failing to move to a reservation according to a deadline, he was overwhelmed and outnumbered ending in his and his troops defeat and death.

The Battle of Isandlwana

On January 22, 1879, the Zulu tribe of Africa fought the British Empire. This was the first battle of the Anglo-Zulu War. It ended in victory for the Zulu forces.

Battle of Teutoburg Forest

This battle occurred around the time of September in the year 9 AD between the Roman Empire and the Teutonic people of what would later be known as Germany. The battle ended in defeat for the Roman Empire and resulted in the independence of the Teutonic tribes.

The Battle of Megiddo

Sometime between 1482 BC and 1457 BC, Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III sent an army to crush an alliance of Canaanite rebel forces. The battle ended in victory for Egypt and forced the survivors to flee to Megiddo, which the Pharaoh then besieged.

Battle of New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans was fought during the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain. The battle, fought on January 8 of 1815, was a major victory for American General Andrew Jackson, and led to the withdrawal of the British from Louisiana.

The Second Battle of Carabobo

The second of two battles which occurred in June of 1821. It ended in the defeat of Spain and the independence of Venezuela.

Battle of Britain

A series of air battles between Great Britain and Nazi Germany which occurred between July and October of 1940. It ended in a disastrous defeat for the German Luftwaffe and the failure of the German forces to take Britain.

The Air Battle of St. Mihiel

The battle of St. Mihiel occurred during World War I in September of 1918. It was a major air battle which ended in victory for the Allies.